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Yandup Island Lodge

The hotel belongs to a Spanish family and Guna Yala, a native ethnic group of the region that differentiates itself by keeping much of its traditions intact, lifestyle, cuisine and crafts, giving way to a stay of unique scenic beauty, cultural richness and exuberance Flora and fauna.  Yandup Island Lodge offers 6 picturesque cabins on the sea and 4 facing the sea, all equipped with private bathrooms, single or double beds with comfortable orthopedic mattresses, electricity 24 hours a day thanks to solar panels, balconies that surround the cabins where you can find comfortable hammocks to enjoy the Caribbean landscape that San Blas offers its tourists.  In Yandup, guests will also find a dining room overlooking the sea with a 180 ° panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, desert islands, mangroves and the unique experience of Guna Caribbean cuisine and fresh catch of the day. You cannot miss the opportunity to practice snorkeling through the coral reefs, navigate in cayucos (traditional Kuna canoe), go hiking in the jungle until you reach the relaxing waterfall or learn the Guna traditions and rituals on a visit to the cemetery.

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