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Cala Mia Island Resort

This magical island-eco-resort  it is situated on the tip of an immaculate island facing the Pacific Ocean, flanked on both sides by virgin beaches lined with tropical palm trees. 15 minutes by boat from Boca Chica on the border with the unexplored Marine Park of the Chiriquí Archipelago.  Cala Mia is the perfect starting point to enjoy sport fishing or to dive to the Dry Islands, Los Ladrones Islands or to surf in Moro Negrito and  Island Outside.  The luxurious Hotel Cala Mia consists of 11 beautiful bungalows / suites, each with its own thatched-roof living room ranch and all within 10 meters of the Pacific Ocean on the beach or bay side. Furniture, materials and carpentry are designed and handmade by local artisans, where art, design, aesthetics and functionality merge to create a new standard.  It has a spa, outdoor pool and private beach area.  Free WiFi is available throughout.  Cala Mia Restaurant serves a fusion of Italian and tropical cuisine, made with organic vegetables and dairy products from the hotel's farm. 

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