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Pedasi paradise

During your stay, you can relax on Isla Iguana, a paradisiacal place with white sand beaches and coral reefs that is a wildlife refuge where you can snorkel and spend a fun day at the beach.

Destiladeros Beach, El Arenal Beach, Torito Beach, Playita Resort, Venao Beach… these are just some of the surrounding beaches where you can spend a fun day on the beach.

The package includes accommodation and breakfast in the best hotels in the town of Pedasí, with two options:

Hotel Casa de Campo, Pedasí.  All rooms have soft lighting, comfortable beds, private bathroom with hot water, ceiling fans, and wireless internet.  

Hotel Pedasí Centro & Suites, Pedasí.  Each room has a bathroom with shower and a terrace to the outside. The hotel also has a  private pool area, gym and spa. 

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