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4 Elements

Contadora Island - Panama

Visit this luxury hotel located in the area of the Pearl Archipelago, specifically on Contadora Island. This hotel is made up of 4 Villas and each one represents an element (earth, water, air and fire) its construction mixes the Balinese culture, with the modernity of the XXI century. 

Saboga Lodge

Saboga Island - Panama

Saboga Lodge is a sustainable sanctuary located on the Island of Saboga, next to an extensive beach. This ecological lodge  it is harmonious  with the environment  uniting the land and its people in a luxury island experience like no other. Away from the crowds on a pristine stretch of beach, you can reconnect with the natural world, recharge, and resurface with a new appreciation for this beautiful place we call home.

Hotel Villa Palma

Old Town - Panama

Located on the First Street of Panama's Old Town, Villa Palma Hotel is an oasis of opulence and classic Italian luxury. With fourteen individual rooms and suites, two bars, an elegant Mediterranean restaurant, a rooftop bar, and a serene internal courtyard, Villa Palma is your sumptuous home in exotic and exciting Panama. 

Radisson Summit Golf & Hotel

Paradise - Ancón - Panama

Located near the Centenario Bridge and the national park  Sovereignty, the rooms have a private bathroom with a shower with hot water, a bathtub and a hairdryer. The hotel has a swimming pool on its premises with chairs and umbrellas at the water's edge. 

Villa Caprichosa

Taboga - Panama


Villa Caprichosa is built on a hillside, expands on three levels, offers a large number of terraces and seating areas. The property is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and 3 pools with unsurpassed views, two private pools and a main pool for all our guests.

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